Led by: Laura Madden
Where? : Student's center
When? : 9:30pm Wednesdays

Led by: Brian Templeton & Bryan Pate
Where? : Student's centerbrian
When? : 9:30pm Wednesdays

Why Growth Groups?
The purpose behind starting Growth Groups is two-fold. First of all, we as a ministry desire to be part of an unprecedented disciple-making movement, fulfilling the "Great Commission" (Matt. 28:19) to the best of our ability. Oftentimes as Christians we talk about "making" disciples, but, for various reasons, we do a poor job at actually doing it. Therefore, it is our desire that these Growth Groups would be an intentional discipleship-oriented environment for every attendee of flood.

Second, Growth Groups were created in response to God's prompting for us to be good stewards of His blessings. As a ministry, we have been blessed with an extremely vibrant, worshipful, and unique student body that continues to grow rapidly each and every week. Many attendees may be disenfranchised with 'religion' or 'church' in the way it had previously been presented to them, and have found flood to be a unique environment to encounter God in a personal and powerful way. Hundreds of students are experiencing the power of the living God each and every week, but often the experience ends once the service ends. These new Growth Groups will challenge people to develop a passionate and vibrant relationship with Christ by addressing all areas of a person's life through an intentional small gathering of people united in Christ and grounded in Grace and Truth.

The bottom line is that our desire at flood is to lead people into a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ, that they would in turn lead others into a passionate relationship with Christ. It is our prayer that these groups will help do just that. 

What are Growth Groups?

* Groups of people that meet once a week
* Gender-specific
* May involve #'s of people
* Led by one or two facilitators who give leadership to the group
* Involves curriculum found by Growth Group leader