They live all around you...carrying backpacks...looking unimpressive at first glance...thousands of college students...over half from broken homes...skeptical about life...75% say truth is relative.  Their attitude toward Christ, Christianity, or the Church generally is cold and apathetic.  So why does flood exist?  College students are the future leaders of tomorrow and will influence every field of study, profession and level of society. College students are mobile, young, energetic and more able to invest their lives for the cause of Christ.  It's time we scratch the surface and see what God has in store for Northern Kentucky University.

The truth is, even though to onlookers it may appear like flood is having a lot of fun and things are growing, a lot about where we're at as a ministry is incredibly difficult. We feel God has given us a pretty large vision and there's a lot more we want to do, so every waking minute is spent praying.  Join with us and pray for college students to ask questions, pray for a movement in their hearts-an openness of mind, and pray for revival.